Get to Know Your 2017 SGA Diplomacy Senator Candidates

By Francesca Regalado,
Madison McHugh,
and Mariah McCloskey

On Monday, the editors of The Diplomatic Envoy had one-on-one interviews with the three tickets running for the School of Diplomacy’s two seats on the Student Government Association Senate. In order for our readers to make informed choices, we have summarized their initiatives along with additional information about the candidates, and a few telling tidbits from our interviews with them.

All five candidates agree on the following issues:

  • If they lose the election, each candidate said they would continue to be involved in SGA as ad-hocs.
  • If they receive an internship or gain employment that would create a conflict of interest or a time conflict with SGA, each candidate said they would step down from the Senate.
  • It is the Diplomacy senators’ responsibility to attend DULCE, UDSA, and other Diplomacy meetings.
  • The ROTC student body deserves representation in the SGA Senate regardless of their size, and efforts to remove the Military Science senator seat are unfair.
  • Members of the student press should not be kept out of SGA proceedings, and SGA officers should not refuse to speak with reporters from any newspaper.
    • “If you’re not willing to talk to the press, you’re cutting yourself off from your constituents.”
      – Efrain Vallejo
    • “You can’t let your ego dictate your behavior…we have to work with the press to reach students and we need greater press scrutiny.” – Gabrielle Goldworm

The SGA election will be on Monday and Tuesday, March 27-28. Diplomacy majors are eligible to vote for four executive board positions (president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary), two Diplomacy senators, and six senators-at-large. Students will receive three separate emails containing each ballot.

A full list of candidates can be viewed HERE.

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