The Diplomatic Envoy is the proud publisher of the Seton Hall University Model United Nations Conference (SHUMUN). The Diplomatic Envoy works closely with the SHUMUN Press Corps to create a fun environment for future members of the press to express themselves and gain experience. We foster strong writing and a deeper understanding of reporting in real time.

Seton Hall’s model United Nations conference was created for high school students. Open to all high schools, the program has a long history of engaging simulations and creating a safe learning environment to help enrich each delegate. The conference seeks to provide delegates with both an educational and entertaining weekend. By acting as member-states in actual United Nations bodies, or as individuals in creative problem-solving crisis simulations students can learn how to handle real-world situations.

Seton Hall not only has the SHUMUN High School conference, but a competitive collegiate team, SHUNA. Additionally, Seton Hall pride’s itself on the diversity of the conference staff and the ability for those of all interests to join and participate in the conference. Seton Hall University is a large proponent of the student body’s interest in model United Nations. Less than 30 minutes away from New York City, home to the United Nations, Seton Hall is perfectly situated to house its own model United Nations team.

You can find the work of our Press Corps reporters and any SHUMUN updates here.


Disclaimer: All of the work written about in the SHUMUN section is based on fabricated scenarios. While some committees are based on real situations, all occurrences and results are a reflection of an academic simulation.

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